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8 November 1984
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Things about me: I probably watch more TV than is good for me, and think and talk about it way too much. I'm addicted to fandom, be it of the Television Without Pity or Livejournal or Twitter variety. Speaking of Twitter, you can find me here, @cheerful_earl; on TWOP, I go by Eurybia. I'm a Smallville "fan", which basically means I complain a lot about the show. This is fairly obvious if you know me, but I'm both a Chloiser and a big Lex fan- don't say I didn't warn you, hehe. My newest fandom is Supernatural, which I've watched for years, but I've just come out to play recently.

I'm pretty sure it took me three years to make one of these because I really have no idea what else to say. But if you want to friend me and say hi, I'll probably friend you back.